If you forgot to send flowers to your mother on a mother's day, or forgot to say "I love you" to your girlfriend on her special day, you can use iSend Music to leave a special message to her phone and dedicate a love song to her.   

iSend Music allows people to send a love song, for free, to their loved ones on their special day.

iSend Music is ideal for special occasions:

  • Mothers day

  • Birthdays

  • Christmas & New Year

  • Valentine day

  • Women's day

Dial *120*639*55*Your Friend Number#

Brands can use iSend Music platfrom as a mobile advertising platfrom to connects in an emotional way and advertise to both users (Sender and Receiver) in a very special memorable way - Connecting two lovers on a special day.


How do we do that?


When we receive a request to send a song to a person, we first start by calling back the sender of the song to leave a pre-recorded love message to the person they are dedicating the song to. 


As soon as we're done recording the sender's voice message, we then call the person to whom the song is dedicated and play first: The recorded messages by the sender + Your short brand advert + The dedicated song.


iSend Music platfrom connect your customers and your brand in an emotitional way that will last long after this music dedication campaign is gone.

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