Patrick Palmi, Guest Speaker at a conference on "Marketing to Low-Income Consumers Conference&q

Doing business with low-income consumers presents enormous challenges and many companies underestimate the innovation and insight required to operate successfully in this market. In order to succeed it’s not only crucial to understand the unique needs, challenges and aspirations of these consumers, but companies must also customise their existing business models, products, distribution and processes.

The ‘Marketing to Low-Income Consumers’ Conference and Workshop on 15 – 16 April 2015 will bring you everything you need to better understand the realities of these consumers, and the best ways to engage with them and be successful in this market! It will also inspire and challenge you with some fresh ideas and thinking on how to add value and make a real difference in these communities.

Patrick Palmi, CEO of has been invited as guest speaker at this conference will share increadible insight about ways a brand can use the mobile phone and mobile technologies to connect with consumers at the bottom of the pyramid, engage with them and convert them to customers.

More information about the conference can be found on the link:

Click here to download the conference program:

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