JUSTPALM.com mobile marketing innovation gets excellent reviews in Strategic Marketing Africa magazi

The African continent is a booming mobile market place with over 600 Million+ mobile handsets. The continent is continuing to surprise the world with homegrown mobile innovations in many sectors of the industry:

  • In the financial sector, the popular M-PESA Mobile Money in Kenya with millions of daily active users is continuing to inspire global mobile payment providers; unlocking the misunderstood dark continent;

  • In the the agriculture sector just like in the education sector, African governments and global NGO's are increasingly adopting mobile technology programs to facilitate trades between rural farmers and buyers in urban areas or educate our scholars with mEducation or e-Government initiatives;

  • In the marketing & media sector, a multi-award winning Mobile Marketing & Media Agency, JUSTPALM.com, founded by Congolese-born entrepreneur Patrick Palmi, is fast changing the way brands in Africa engage and connect with African consumers using mobile technologies. According to Patrick, mobile is the only ubiquitous and most versatile touch point that brands in Africa can leverage off to directly talk to their audiences.

Today, one can start a taxi business like Uber without owning any taxi cabs; or anyone can start a radio station like CliffCentral.com without an expensive outlay capital like traditional radio stations. Even more, African millenials or so-called Generation X and Z can become overnight global celebrities only through social media sharing and without any Cable TV appearance.

The mobile phone device has, over a very short span of time, turn the distant world into one small interconnected village where anyone can invent anything, anywhere, and start commercializing good and services globally with very small capital - Thanks to the internet.

The African market, however, is still predominantly dominated by feature phones with very limited and expensive mobile internet connections as opposed to other global markets. Although this trend is changing, we cannot talk about a "Smartphone Africa" until a mama selling banana on street corners of Tembisa, Accra or Kinshasa is able to afford a smartphone with cheap data bundles to Skype video call her loved ones.

Hence, brands looking to reach the mass market in Africa will be limited to use the popular mobile network resources available to them such as SMS-based or USSD-based marketing, coupled with some voice interactive contents.

Having spotted this opportunity, Patrick Palmi created ChiChi Sponsored Call mobile marketing platform. ChiChi allows brands in emerging markets to sponsor their target consumers phone calls in exchange for listening to a short 15 seconds audio ad before connecting their calls. "I am from a middle class family and growing up, I used to run out of prepaid airtime very often to talk to my friends. So, it was a no-brainer for a Telecommunication Engineer of my background to come up with the Sponsored Call concept" says Patrick Palmi.

ChiChi Sponsored Call has won multiple prestigious awards in South Africa and counts now over 2.6 Million users in South Africa with over 200, 000+ monthly active users. The Sponsored Call mobile marketing concept is proving to be very successful with large media booking from global giants like Unilever, KFC, J&J, Mr. Price, GSK, African Banks, amongst many others.

Strategic Marketing Africa Magazine, a popular marketing publication in the continent, in their latest edition "Mobile in Africa", has endorsed ChiChi Sponsored Call as one of the best innovation in Africa from Africans. Read more >> goo.gl/wFfZuz

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